Fans Bash Banky W For Writing 10,000 Reply To Fan That Mocked His Car

Crooner Banky W, in an Open Letter has replied to a recent call out by a Lady for driving an old model Range Rover in spite of his celebrity status.

Sharing a link to the letter on Twitter, Banky captioned it: “Last weekend, a very creepy video was posted online, by someone making fun of my car. I wrote her an open letter.

You guys are complaining that he replied. You guys will still complain if he didn’t reply.. That is people for you

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ibiso_harryI just knew that shit was too long a reply. I knew he phyuked up so I didn’t read.

makkyman1 Very unnecessary

motunrayo_fadahunsi Go and get your PVC and move on. Bank w has made in lifemelcity202 His epistle wasn’t necessary

officialoluwadami Very…very unnecessary! It would take him absolutely nothing to ignore. Afterall, we all saw how is colleagues fought for him. Their responses to the silly video was enough…there was no need for the epistle at all.

isrealiyabo I knew this is coming

blvkcurrant It really wasn’t necessary but it whatever rocks their boat

miss_aimalohi My point exactly he shouldn’t have replied them, his Co celebrities fought for him, his replied was so unnecessary

iamgabbylicious Silence is golden but he tot he should talk sad.

ecnirp_p Necessary or unnecessary, dude has decided to respond. It’s his decision to make. He’s making his money and living his life. Half the people responding are as old as him and still struggling to make it. Chill guys!

mispep I read to a point it was too long and I stopped reading , I didn’t see the need for them , my reply would have been Na my car wetin concern you , if ee don old buy for meDbanj

Musa Md

Musa Md

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