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    Name: Prophet Joshua Msendoo Kwagh Date of Birth: 30-03-1993. Parents: Pastor Denis and Mrs Anna Kwagh Place of Origin: Gwer-East LGA of Benue State, Nigeria. The 3rd child of the family and the family’s first son he was named Msendoo meaning ” prayer is good” because his birth was an answer to the family’s prayer for a son. An exceptionally bright and extremely shy child, he began to prophesy at the age of six. He prophesied the collapse of a hut in which a number of children were playing himself and his siblings included, he told them to leave all of a sudden, that the hut would fall on them, they didn’t believe him and he walked out alone. Approximately fifteen minutes later the hut collapsed on the children, injuring allot of them. This was very confusing to everyone around him because even though they were all Christians, they had no experience with the Prophetic. At the age of fifteen, in a series of visitations that happened every day for two weeks God began to reveal to the boy that he was going to use him in a great ministry of healing, deliverance, prophecy and miracles that will have worldwide impact. He attended NKST primary school, Gboko South from 2000-2003, Anglican Secondary School Gboko from 2003-2006, where He won the award for best behaved student and Graceland secondary School from 2006-2009, Where He won accolades on the debating team and was the schools defactor debater and best performing English language student for all 3 years. He completed his secondary school education at sixteen and then proceeded to the University where he did a Preliminary Science course for one year and then gained admission into the Physics department of Benue State University where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Physics at the age of twenty one. He met a prophet in 2011 who prophesied to him that he would be used by God immediately after he was through with school. True to the Prophetic word, after rounding up his final exams in November, by December God called him into the ministry when he met Prophet Adisa Moses ( a man God had shown to him a year earlier and who he knew nothing about previously) who called him out in a church service and imparted on him- the same man who would then go on to mentor and father him in the Prophetic ministry. He was ordained on January 1st 2016 by Prophet Adisa Moses in a crossover service in Abuja. His Fame began to grow as God began to use him miraculously to heal, deliver and prophesy. He accurately prophesied the hospitalization of President Mohammadu Buhari shortly after he was sworn into office, he also prophesied the current crisis in northern Nigeria stating that he saw fighting in Plateau State and that unless God intervenes this will grow into an ethnic war. His ministry is growing as God uses him mightily to touch lives and bring deliverance to people on a weekly basis! He has ministered in Abuja, Kogi State and Various Parts of Benue State.Truly it is a take over! In 2016 he also gave a prophesy concerning WWE super star Roman Reigns in which he said he saw Roman Reigns bowing out and asked the people to pray to cancel death! This prophecy for everyone that watched the October 22 episode of wwe Raw became a very real thing as the wrestler in question announced to the world his battle with leukemia relinquished his WWE Universal Championship. The prophet, an avid worshipper and a gospel singer in his own right mentors an up and coming music group called HOW Music Indeed it is The Take Over Movement.

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